How to Merge Object Repositories in QTP

In QTP merging multiple Object Repository.

Resource—Object Repository Manager—Tools—Merge Object Repositoy

Merging Types

Merging of Object Repositories is done in two ways

  1. Merging local repository into a shared repository.
  2. Merging a Shared repository with another shared repository.

Merging Shared Object Repositories:

  • Open “Object Repository Manager”:
  • Resources > Object Repository Manager
  • Open “Object Repository Merge Tool”:
  • Tools >Object Repository Merge Tool.
  • In the New Merge window, browse to the primary repository file. Mercury recommends selecting the repository file you have invested the most time into as the primary repository file.
  • Select the secondary repository file.
  • Click “OK’.
  • Review the merge statistics, as described in Viewing Merge Statistics, and click “Close”.
  • Resolve any merge conflicts reported by the merge tool.

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