How to write Test Cases

How to Comment in QTP

Why should we write Comments in QTP Comments ensure the QTP Script more understandable Comments make a single line or block of statements disable/skip from execution Comments improve Code Quality and Maintain Standards SINGLE LINE COMMENT ” ‘ ” (Single quote) or REM keyword can be used to comment a single line in QTP. BLOCK […]

How to Create XML with dotNET Factory

How to close all browsers except QC in QTP

While executing a application, so many results are appeared and displyaed in output results. If we don’t want to display these results in output reporter. By using the following function all the unnecessary browsers are closed expect QC OR

How to close browsers by mask in QTP

In QTP, all opened browsers are closed at a time by using mask. If so many browsers are opened for a particular application we can close all windows at a time. To achieve this application by using  a QTP browser property is ”Mask”. For example, we have to close all browsers navigated to any Google’s […]

How to close all browsers in QTP

This is practical task to be done by the automation test engineer before starting the script execution. If so many number of windows has been opened for the same application we can close all windows at a time. To achieve this application by using  a QTP browser property is ”CreationTime”. CreationTime indicates the order in which […]

How to Create Checkpoints in QTP

Checkpoint is a confirmation or verification point in which the value of some property which is expected at a particular step is compared with the actual value which is displayed in the application. Based on the expected values Checkpoints are classified as follows Standard Check Point Bitmap Check Point Database Check Point Text Check Point […]

How to Connect Database in QTP

Database operations in QTP By using database operations we can easily access the data from any database. VB Script is object Based Language, It does not support external files directly. External Files  are Database, Text files, Excel files and Word documents etc. When  we want work with external files then we create objects by performing […]

How to associate Shared Object Repository in QTP

We can associate a Shared Object Repository in three ways Using Associate Repository During Runtime Using Action Properties Using Associate Repository Go to Resources Menu > Associate Repository > Click on Add Select / Location of Repository file path > Click Open Associate with Action > Click on OK During Runtime repositorycollection.Add “Repository file path” […]

How to Merge Object Repositories in QTP

In QTP merging multiple Object Repository. Resource—Object Repository Manager—Tools—Merge Object Repositoy Merging Types Merging of Object Repositories is done in two ways Merging local repository into a shared repository. Merging a Shared repository with another shared repository. Merging Shared Object Repositories: Open “Object Repository Manager”: Resources > Object Repository Manager Open “Object Repository Merge Tool”: […]